1966 Ad Copy for the Smith-Corona Super Sterling

1970 Smith-Corona Super Sterling. Author's Collection

The Super Sterling by Smith-Corona

You’ll rave about this full duty, budget-priced mid-weight portable!
Feel the smooth action and see the precision response of this basic Smith-Corona portable. It has everything you need to make your writing chores go smoother and easier, and it’s built to stay stylish and new all through your school years. It has all the same uncompromising quality, precision, and stamina of the more expensive Smith-Corona portables. Wherever you have writing to do—at home, in school, at the office or on the road—this rugged portable will serve you with flawless dependability and distinction. Its scientifically balanced, full 88-character office-size keyboard is engineered for accelerated action…keeps pace with the fastest fingers! You’ll love its advanced, low-profile styling designed for easy traveling and easy-storability. Its sophisticated decorator colors include: Star-Mist Blue, Bengal Tan, Slate Grey, Oasis Green. Accompanied by a flight-styled all metal, vinyl clad carrying case and backed by a 5 year guarantee. All these features plus its practical price add up to an amazing value!

If you are looking for a present to give or to get, one that will be appreciated for years to come, there is no finer gift than a Smith-Corona portable. See our full line of attractive models.

Smith-Corona Marchant. The Super Sterling by Smith-Corona. Hartford, CT: Smith-Corona Marchant, 1966. Print.


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