Another kind of restoration

I bought this at a Value Village in Edmonds  They were planning to throw it out if it didn't sell in two days. So, I bought it for $8, removed the radio chassis, replaced the 1960s replacement record player with a Crosley unit that has Bluetooth! It's apparently a rare console; about 4,500 were made in 1948.

Typewriter Research Service

Do you have a portable typewriter you'd like to learn more about? As a fundraiser for the Bodemer Typewriter Collection, I would love to research your portable typewriter. I offer the following packages, each of which will include a typewritten report about your machine: BASIC RESEARCH PACKAGE.............$10 Your report will include the year of manufacture, the manufacturer's color name, the original retail price, a list of variations, and information about your typewriter's carrying case. TYPEWRITTEN LETTER.................FREE If you'd like to write to me, I will write back. DELUXE RESEARCH PACKAGE............$15 (This service is currently limited to Washington State residents) The perfect package if you are curious about the person whose name is written on your typewriter. Your report will include a brief biography of the original owner, as well as the items above. If you don't have the name of the original owner, but are curious about the type

A dream come true!

1963 Sears Attache, with manual, etc.

My new book is ready!

My new book, Portable Typewriters , is out! I will be releasing a lower-priced black-and-white copy soon. It is available in paperback and Kindle. This was a project that took two years, and two laptop computers to accomplish. (My first draft and laptop was lost to a kitchen sink...but I was able to rebuild my draft!)

1966 Ad Copy for the Smith-Corona Super Sterling

1970 Smith-Corona Super Sterling. Author's Collection The Super Sterling by Smith-Corona You’ll rave about this full duty, budget-priced mid-weight portable! Feel the smooth action and see the precision response of this basic Smith-Corona portable. It has everything you need to make your writing chores go smoother and easier, and it’s built to stay stylish and new all through your school years. It has all the same uncompromising quality, precision, and stamina of the more expensive Smith-Corona portables. Wherever you have writing to do—at home, in school, at the office or on the road—this rugged portable will serve you with flawless dependability and distinction. Its scientifically balanced, full 88-character office-size keyboard is engineered for accelerated action…keeps pace with the fastest fingers! You’ll love its advanced, low-profile styling designed for easy traveling and easy-storability. Its sophisticated decorator colors include: Star-Mist Blue, Bengal Tan, Sl

Royal Royalite portables

Advertisement for the Royalite. From the Seattle Times, 12/14/56 In 1954, Royal McBee corporation purchased an emerging typewriter manufacturer from Holland, who only made small portable typewriters, which were known as Halberg Travelers. Very few Halberg-labeled typewriters were made; most are found under the name Royal. Royal altered the design of the Traveler--the gull-wing ribbon covers were removed, as was the console carrying case, which was similar to that of the Smith-Corona Skyriter. These were replaced by a removable ribbon cover, which stretched down the sides of the machine, and a zippered carrying case, which was made of vinyl. They were sold under a new name: Royal Royalite.  1962 Royalite. Author's Collection While the earliest Royalites were one-tone green, later models could be found in two-tone gray, or in a special name variant, called the Eldorado, in black and gold. These typewriters came in vinyl attache cases. For 1963, the zippered carrying