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Another kind of restoration

I bought this at a Value Village in Edmonds  They were planning to throw it out if it didn't sell in two days. So, I bought it for $8, removed the radio chassis, replaced the 1960s replacement record player with a Crosley unit that has Bluetooth! It's apparently a rare console; about 4,500 were made in 1948.

Typewriter Research Service

Do you have a portable typewriter you'd like to learn more about? As a fundraiser for the Bodemer Typewriter Collection, I would love to research your portable typewriter. I offer the following packages, each of which will include a typewritten report about your machine: BASIC RESEARCH PACKAGE.............$10 Your report will include the year of manufacture, the manufacturer's color name, the original retail price, a list of variations, and information about your typewriter's carrying case. TYPEWRITTEN LETTER.................FREE If you'd like to write to me, I will write back. DELUXE RESEARCH PACKAGE............$15 (This service is currently limited to Washington State residents) The perfect package if you are curious about the person whose name is written on your typewriter. Your report will include a brief biography of the original owner, as well as the items above. If you don't have the name of the original owner, but are curious about the type