My new book is ready!

My new book, Portable Typewriters, is out! I will be releasing a lower-priced black-and-white copy soon. It is available in paperback and Kindle. This was a project that took two years, and two laptop computers to accomplish. (My first draft and laptop was lost to a kitchen sink...but I was able to rebuild my draft!)


  1. Please tell us more! Is it a selection of material from your blogs, or is it different material? Does it discuss typewriters from an aesthetic standpoint or from an artistic standpoint? Is it mostly text or mostly illustrations? What kind of reader would most enjoy the book?

    1. Some of it is reworked material from my blogs, some will appear here shortly in condensed form, but a lot is new research. It's mainly text, but illustrated in color. I think collectors into Royals and Smith Coronas wlwou like it most, as I didn't feel Underwood was historically important after the Second World War, beyond being a vehicle for Olivetti.

    2. Sounds right up my alley. But I'm sorry to report that there's a problem with the Kindle Unlimited version of the book at least--it includes illustrations, but no text. I've tried reading it on two devices.

  2. Hmmn, a sink can kill a laptop, but is unlikely to kill the drive inside. Did you try to pull the drive and get your files? (:

  3. Nice work. Bought the Kindle version. Looking forward to perusing it. ;)

  4. It looks at them from a historical perspective, from a mix of aesthetic and marketing. I will see about pulling the drive.


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